Organic Kids & Baby Skincare

Organic Kids & Baby SkincareNew Zealand is referred to as the “Miniature Garden of the Earth” because its unique natural ecosystem has been formed by being separated from other continents since the dawn of time and has fostered its beautiful nature in which the ancient traces have still remained. In such a beautiful country,

Baby and Kids Skincare
Although baby’s skin repairs itself significantly faster than adult, baby skin is very sensitive and does not have the immunity of an adult.
Diper rash is one of most common skin problems caused by damp and humid environment. Skin problems such as eczema can also arise.
Kids and baby skin also very vulnerable to sun damage,this is due to a lowered melanin production in the skin which protects our skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. The damages can be even permenant.
Environmental exposures are more open to baby and kids skin because their skin contains fewer elastic fibres than those of an adult.
Since baby and kids skin absorbs substances from the environment more and faster than adult’s, it is important to use skincare products designed for baby and kids only. Many skincare products for adults contains harmful chemicals causing dryness or irritations for kids and baby because above reason.

The Products
Organic Kids & Baby Cream
Organic Kids & Baby Cream is carefully formulated with high concentration of premium, non-irritant, nutrient-rich natural and organic ingredients for babies to experience clean, light feeling and nourish baby’s sensitive skin. It effectively manages the moisture level for babies to retain hydration and it is mild and soft even for the most sensitive skins among babies. It is recommended to use on parched dry skin, hands, feet, knees and elbows – and apply them liberally to your baby to preserve the moisture.

Organic Kids & Baby Lotion
Organic Kids & Baby Lotion is specially formulated for babies with sensitive skin, the product is very mild and soothing and its complex blend of organic aloe leaf juice and other organic / natural ingredient is in the formulation to effectively rehydrate, protect and provide nutrient to your baby’s skin. Using the product in frequent uses allows prolonged effect of hydration and helps your baby to retain healthy, soft skin.

Organic Kids & Baby Oil
Organic lavender oil allows soothing and softening effect on baby’s skin and the sweet scent of lavender helps calm baby’s mind, helping them to sleep. iSpring® Kids & Baby Oil is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients including rich camellia oil to nourish, rehydrate and sooth. Ideal time to massage this product to your baby is after a bath or at nappy changing time.

Organic Kids & Baby Wash
Organic Kids & Baby Wash uses organic and natural ingredients to gently cleanse your baby’s hair and skin without stripping their natural oils in the skin. This wonderfully hydrating formulation helps to provide necessary supplement and moisture to revitalize your baby’s tired skin from prolonged exposure. With minimal stimulation, you can be assured that your baby is getting the best of supplement for their skin. Carefully selected natural and organic ingredients in this product are particularly appropriate for babies and children with sensitive skin, and it will gently cleanse the skin and soothe both baby and mum.

Organic Baby Anti-bug Spray
Baby’s skin is especially sensitive, any reaction could happen from even minor irritation, and many cases develop into itching and red spots causing tremendous stress to babies. Occasional outings could leave your baby vulnerable to harmful insects including mosquitoes, flies etc. Organic Baby Anti-bug Spray uses organic citronella and lemon grass essential oil to effectively repel off insects without creating irritation or stimulation for your baby’s skin. The scent from the organic oil will calm and soothe minds and should be used on items usually used for outings.

Organic Baby Nappy Cream
Nappy rash is one of the most frequent, but difficult problems mothers face through baby’s infanthood. As diapers are usually wet and with urine, feces and bacteria, it creates unpleasant condition for your baby and causing irritating skin problems. Organic Baby Nappy Cream uses Organic New Zealand Beeswax to protect against stimulation happening inside the diapers and organic Tamanu oil effectively rejuvenates tired skins, In addition, varieties of essential oil specifically targets nappy rash to the details so that cycle of protection, rejuvenation and smoothening continues through application.

Organic Baby Atopy Cream
It is no exaggeration to say that the majority of baby mother’s concern is to provide their babies with the very best of what they can. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine what sort of needs arises for baby’s sensitive skin. Irritations on the skin could easily occur and this may lead to increase of stress leading to less sleeping times. Organic Baby Atopy Cream is a solution for all types of problem arising from dryness and stimulations of baby skin. Variety of organic ingredients included in the formula will provide necessary supplement, reduce skin irritation, heals and calm the baby’s skin and mind – and best of all, they are all natural!

Oragnic Baby & Kids Lip Balm
A baby’s lips are thinner and softer in comparison to lips of adults. Frequent contact with saliva, milk and wind dries out the lips and it becomes susceptible to chapped lips. Oragnic Baby & Kids Lip Balm uses 100% of organic ingredient to ensure safety and it leaves a natural barrier blocking of harmful elements from environment

Oragnic Baby & Kids Healing Balm
Babies tend to constantly move their hands and feet and naturally, skin damage could easily occur even from a minor friction. During outings and outdoor activities, baby’s skins are more susceptible to scratches and the damages. Oragnic Baby & Kids Healing Balm has organic essential oils with healing properties to effectively heal minor wounds inflicted on baby’s skin without creating irritation or further stress for the baby. The oil’s scent also helps calm the skin and baby’s mind.

Oragnic Baby & Kids Fresh Balm
Even a slight change in temperature or moisture level makes a big difference for your baby. When it comes down to runny and blocked noses, is very stressful for your baby considering your baby is constantly feeding through nursing bottle & using pacifiers. Oragnic Baby & Kids Fresh Balm is a solution to this problem; the selected organic essential oil helps your baby to breath and provides the extra protection against dryness on skin areas near nose.

The Certificates
All our organic baby skincare products are certified by BioGro – New Zealand’s largest international organic certifier.
BioGro certifies producers as ‘organic’ to assure consumers that the highest organic standards have been met every step of the way. BioGro logo guarantees that products have been produced without the routine use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or genetically modified ingredients, that they have a reduced effect on the environment, animals have been treated humanely along the way, and that rural communities have been united and empowered. Every year BioGro audits its certified-organic producers and verifies that they have met the strict organic standards.

What we can do
We can help our client’s set up their own brands and product ranges of both natural and organic skincare products for baby and kids as well as adults. We also able to supply well known organic kids & baby skincare products from New Zealand.