Natural Spring Water from New Zealand

Where our products came from

New Zealand
–New Zealand is one of the cleanest nation in the world situated in the middle of south pacific. New Zealand is one of most lately settled country by man and keeping its nature clean and green.

Blue Spring
–The Blue Spring is one of the many springs feeding the magnificent TeWaihou River with cold, crystal clear water that has seeped down from the Mamaku Ranges throughunderground.  The Blue Spring water can take up to 100 years to seep through the pumice of the Mamaku Ranges but it flows all year round at a rate in excess of 700 litrespersecond. This water is some of the purest spring water in the world and its cystal blue appearance is a result of that purity.

Typical Analysis (In one litre)
–Silica    76.8mg
–Sodium  8.0mg
–Potassium  4.2mg
–Calcium  2.3mg
–Magnesium  1.5mg
–Ph  6.6
–Hardness  10

Manufacturing Facility
The bottling plant has state-of-the-art facilities which lies at the source, and which is certified by the Australasian Bottled Water Institute Inc. (ABWI) – and which meets the rigorous standards they set in place. Along with this purity and protection, the plant facilities conform to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines, and its seven key principles.

What we can offer
We can deliver 500ml PET, 1.5L PET, 300ml Glass and 750ml Glass for Still and Sparkling (Glass bottle only) under client’s brand.
The normal delivery time is 6-weeks with minimum of 1,000 cartons consists of 12 or 24 bottles per carton or equalivant units.

What to consider
Client shall fully study target market not only for market potential but also import regulartions of the natural sping water. We can help identify requirements and solutions.
Client also normally provide their own brand and designs which also hevily depends on labelling regulations of the target market.
We can guide through from concept to product at the port with our experiences.

What else we can do
Not only natural spring water, we can also help to manufacturing New Zealand natural fruits juice or flavoured water as well.