Grain / Seed Cold Press Oil Extracting Machine

Size Weight Power
Rated voltage Volume of pressed
oil in one hour
Oil extraction rate (Based on Sesame Seed)
113㎝ * 78㎝ * 129㎝
300Kg 5.3Kw 220v-380v 30Kg(hr) 50~51%
Product feature
  • There is no damage of omega 3 by 70 degrees low temperature oil extraction method.

    Cold pressing method that is high-quality premium product manufacturing system for oil pressed by machine temperature 70~80 degrees, below oil temperature 50 degrees So that can keep the oil taste and flavor also there is no effect damage for nutritive and omega 3. We got a exclusive position for the manufacturing cold press machine in Korea with several patented technology.

  • There is no Benzopyrene !

    Use a low temperature during operating machine, there is no Benzopyrene.

  • Can be extract raw seeds for medicinal use.

    Raw sesame, perilla seed, safflower seed, sunflower seed.

  • Can be extract with roasted seeds as well.

    Better taste than hydraulic oilpress type.

  • It’s very sanitary usage for stainless oil guide plate with case.
  • Easy cleaning for simple maintenance.